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09:33pm 08/07/2005
  Voltage munky: ..OO'
Voltage munky: hayloo?
Remloaf: OO!
Remloaf: HAYLOO!
Voltage munky: Whats up!
Remloaf: NOTHING.
Voltage munky: ...*grins* BORING
Remloaf: YOU?
Remloaf: XD
Remloaf: Yes, I am.
Voltage munky: NOTHING
Voltage munky: I am boring also.
Voltage munky: XD
Remloaf: :>
Voltage munky: =D
Voltage munky: *flails*
Remloaf: :D
Voltage munky: so many people, so many artings*Dies*
Remloaf: XD
Remloaf: Poor lass. *pat*
Voltage munky: they all deserve WOAHLOOKITGO comments but I am lazy and horrible and mean. XD
Remloaf: >> I have...over a hundred deviations. ALL OF THEM UN-COMMENTED. Do not talk to me of lazy.
Voltage munky: ...*cracks up*
Voltage munky: oh poor baby. you win.
Remloaf: >> I know.
Voltage munky: ...=D
Voltage munky: Win the big prize.
Voltage munky: I'm not sure what it is yet, but you win it.
Voltage munky: so yes. Win.
Remloaf: oo...YAY I WIN!
Voltage munky: you win so hard. XD
Remloaf: ...how about Ka/Morli? :D

Morli: No.
Voltage munky: That wins so hard also. XD

Ka: ...*makes a face* will you just shut up?
Voltage munky: So hard in the pants. and yes I am WELL aware of the connotations. XD
Remloaf: XDD
Remloaf: At least you didn't say 'in the face'.
Voltage munky: ......*cracks up*

Ka: *scowls at them* idiots.
Remloaf: Morli: ...Yes.
Voltage munky: Ka: .....*sighs and scratches the back of his head* She wone leave me alone now. it's creepy.
Remloaf: Morli: Same here.
Voltage munky: Ka:...and we cant kill them. And she HAS to stop 'walking in' on me in the shower, seriously. *makes a face*
Remloaf: Morli: ...Eww.
Voltage munky: Ka: .....*eyes him* oh thanks. *sarcastic*
Remloaf: Morli: *laughs* Sorry. I didn't mean YOU.
Voltage munky: Ka: *grins at him* yeah yeah. sure you didn't. I'm hurt. really.
Remloaf: Morli: *sticks his tongue out*
Voltage munky: Ka: ......*grins and baps him in the head* moron.
Remloaf: Morli: *swat*
Voltage munky: Ka: *ducks*
Voltage munky: Ka: HAH. *sticks his tongue out*
Remloaf: Morli: *POUNCE*
Voltage munky: Ka: ACK. *flails at him* .....evil.
Remloaf: Morli: *grin*
Voltage munky: Ka: ..........*wriggles and flails* off.
Remloaf: Morli: Nope.
Voltage munky: Ka: ......*sticks his tongue out at him* Asshole.
Remloaf: Morli: I could be worse, trust me.
Voltage munky: Ka: ........Nah. I dont think you could. *shove*
Remloaf: Morli: *leeeans over, face inches from Ka's* ...Y'sure?
Voltage munky: Ka: .........I'm pretty sure you couldn't be worse. *resists the urge to wriggle*
Remloaf: Morli: ...*hops off, brushing his robe off* 'Kay, then.
Voltage munky: Ka: *eyes him and gets up, before shaking his head* you sir, are very very strange.
Remloaf: Morli: It's one of my better qualities.
Voltage munky: Ka: ...*laughs* right. Sure. It goes with being creepy and sneaky as hell. sorry. I forgot.
Remloaf: Morli: *pokes Ka*
Voltage munky: Ka: *wriggles and looks up at him* ,.....what?
Remloaf: Morli: Nothing.
Voltage munky: Ka: ...*bats at him with his braid and pokes him in the stomach* right. out with it. You;ve been VERYweird lately.
Remloaf: Morli: I'm just happy, is that so bad?
Voltage munky: Ka: ....nah. It;s not a bad thing at all. *Scratches his head and grins*
Remloaf: Morli: *grins back, plops on a chair*

...I bet he's plotting. ==
Voltage munky: Ka: *shakes his head and collapses on the floor, stretching* plotting to take over hte world?
Voltage munky: the*

Remloaf: Morli: Maybe.
Voltage munky: Ka: .....Warn me before you do so I can save the bits I like.
Remloaf: Morli: Roger.
Voltage munky: Ka: *gives him a lazy salute* cap'n
Voltage munky: Ka: exactly WHO'S demise are you plotting anyway?
Remloaf: Morli: Demise? Nooo.
Voltage munky: Ka: ....not demise? *looks up at him* ...then exactly what ARE you plotting? *grins*
Remloaf: Morli: If I TOLD you, it'd ruin it.
Voltage munky: Ka: ..oh well THAT just takes the fun out of it. *gets up and drapes himself over the back of the chair* Tellll meeeeeeeeee. I'll just bug you till you do.
Remloaf: Morli: *sigh* No.
Voltage munky: Ka: .......*grins and pokes him* tell me. or I'll do something drastic, like....I dunno. cling to your head or something.
Remloaf: Morli: Nope.
Voltage munky: Ka: *arms around his neck, SQUEEZES* telll meee. I can whine forever. You KNOW I can.
Remloaf: Morli: *blinks* ...Hmm...no.
Voltage munky: Ka: oh come on. please?
Remloaf: Morli: Yyyyyyno.
Voltage munky: Ka: .........*grins* oh come on. Dont make me use drastic measures. tell me and I'll stop bugging you.
Remloaf: Morli: Nada.
Voltage munky: Ka: ......*sticks his head on his shoulder* please? ...dont make me say the whole prettyplease thing.
Remloaf: Morli: Maybe I'm just enjoying the pleading, but no.
Voltage munky: Ka: ...maybe you;re being an ass. Please tell me so I can stop making an idiot of myself?
Remloaf: Morli: Nope.
Voltage munky: Ka: ...asshole. *grins and lets him go, flopping back onto the floor* I'll find out eventually.
Remloaf: Morli: I'm sure.
Voltage munky: Ka: dont understimate my ...whats the word? investigative? ...*grins* I could just ask rem. I'm sure that she would tell me.
Remloaf: Morli: SHE doesn't know.

Don't rub it in. ==
Voltage munky: Ka: ..really? you;ve been getting sneakier and sneakier lately.
Voltage munky: Ka: *pokes him in the leg* out with it. I really want to know now.
Remloaf: Morli: *grins smugly, ignoring him*
Voltage munky: Ka: ......*scowls at being ignored, and prods him again* c;mooooonnnn.
Remloaf: Morli: You'll just have to find out.
Voltage munky: Ka: ..and how am I going to do that if you;re not going to tell me?
Remloaf: Morli: You'll SEE, then, won't you?
Voltage munky: Ka: .....you are EVIL. *sits up and leans back on his hands* And it's unlikely you;ll tell anyone so I cant find out THAT way. bastard. I HATE not knowing things.
Remloaf: Morli: *laughs*
Voltage munky: Ka: *kicks at his legs* bastard.
Remloaf: Morli: So young. So angry.
Voltage munky: Ka: *grins at him* right. whatever you say. *silent for a moment, before scowling* oh just tell me before I pop an artery or something.
Remloaf: Morli: N. O.
Voltage munky: Ka: ASS. HOLE. *swats at him* why do you have to be so difficult?
Remloaf: Morli: Because it's funny when you whine. *walks off into the piano room*
Voltage munky: Ka: ....*sighs and gets up, following after him and whining for his benefit* tell meeeeee.
Voltage munky: Ka: ......*scowls at him* ahh screw it. I never wanted to know anyway.
Remloaf: Morli: Sure you didn't. *sits on the bench*
Voltage munky: Ka: *clambers onto the spare armchair* .........really. I didn't. *sticks his tongue out at him* ......
Remloaf: Morli: That's fine. *starts playing, grinning*
Voltage munky: Ka: ......*scowls anr rests his head on his arms, listening* ...okay so I'm lying.
Voltage munky: and*
Remloaf: Morli: *plays for a while, looks like he's thinking, now*
Voltage munky: Ka: *listening, and smiling slightly*
Voltage munky: Ka: *taps his fingers lightly on the armrest, in time with theplaying*
Voltage munky: the playing*
Remloaf: Morli: ...Hm.
Voltage munky: Ka: *raises his head* yes?
Remloaf: Morli: ...Nothing.
Voltage munky: Ka: ...*makes a face* you;ve got to stop doing that.
Remloaf: Morli: What?
Voltage munky: Ka: Making noises and hmming and haaing and then when I ask what your thinking you say it;s nothing. it drives me insane.
Remloaf: Morli: ...Fine. Want to know what I'm thinking?
Voltage munky: Ka:*nods and sits up*
Remloaf: Morli: I'm thinking whether or not this is such a good idea.
Voltage munky: Ka: ......Whats a good idea? *confused*
Remloaf: Morli: *gets up wanders over to him, leaning over* This. *kisses him gently, before fading out of view, spooky-Morli like*
Voltage munky: Ka: *rather stunned, just sits there, before going bright red and brining his knees up to his chest, hiding his face* ....holy shit.
Remloaf: *has to decide between cracking up and killing Morli*
Voltage munky: *flails* ACK. Ka;s gunna be so pissed off at him for pulling the disappearing act*

Ka: *sits there for a second, before rubbing at his face and getting up* oh FUCK that. *getting slightly pissed off now* Where the fuck is he.....*off to go Morli hunting*
Remloaf: *snortlaugh*

Morli: *perched off on some building-top, freaking out at himself*
Voltage munky: he's probably gunna punch him. XD

Ka: ...*scowling to himself, leans against a wall, really thinking about it for a second* ..oh fuck. *sinks down to the floor, resting his head on his knees*
Voltage munky: Ka: where the fuck are you when I need to talk to you, asshole? *muttering*
Remloaf: Morli: *sits his head on his arms* I need to step in front of a moving bus sometime today.
Voltage munky: Ka; *scowling* ahh fuck. *gets up to continue his hunt* Stupid fucking bastard....
Voltage munky: ....holyshit. XD
Remloaf: Morli: ...*peeks down over the side, sees Ka* ?! *ducks out of sight again*
Voltage munky: Ka: *sighs and sits down, back against the wall again, scrubbing at his face with his hands* ahhh shit. Where the hell are you?
Remloaf: Morli: ......
Voltage munky: Ka: *rests his head back against the wall and sighs* stupid moron. *sounds rather sad*
Remloaf: Morli: ...Ugh...what have I done...
Voltage munky: Ka: *sticks his head back onto his knees and sighs heavily* where the fuck are you when I need to see you, huh? *muttering to himself, gets up again*
Remloaf: Morli: ...*looks over the side again*
Voltage munky: Ka: *just pacing now, Trying to think, and looks up, freezing* .......get your ass down here.
Remloaf: Morli: *freezes* ...Shit.
Voltage munky: Ka: ...I need to talk to you RIGHT NOW.
Remloaf: Morli: *tries to think up SOME excuse to explain himself, but he just sighs and floats down, preparing himself for at least a good punch in the mouth* ..........
Voltage munky: Ka: ......*looks up at him for a second, before snarling and punching him in the jaw* THAT....... was for running off.
Remloaf: Morli: *stumbles a little, holding his jaw and flinching* ...Fair enough.
Voltage munky: Ka: ....*reaches up and pulls him down, kissing him* idiot.
Remloaf: Morli: *blinks rapidly, just...staring at him*
Voltage munky: Ka: *goes red, just looking up and him, and then looks down* .....You didn't wait to see...
Remloaf: Morli: I didn't...think...
Voltage munky: Ka: ...That I might?.....yeah. I kind of figured. *sighs and hugs himself* I mean....just....
Remloaf: Morli: ...What?
Voltage munky: Ka: *smiles at him* why do you think I hung around you so much?
Remloaf: Morli: ...Didn't think of it that way. *rubs the back of his head*
Voltage munky: Ka: *shakes his head and looks up* you werent supposed to.
Remloaf: Morli: ...I...suppose not...
Voltage munky: Ka: ...so what does this change now? I ......*sighs*
Remloaf: Morli: ...I don't know. I guess...it depends.
Voltage munky: Ka: ...depends on what?
Remloaf: Morli: ...*shrugs*
Voltage munky: Ka: ....*shakes his head* well....I'm not going to forget about it.
Remloaf: Morli: ....
Voltage munky: Ka: ...I cant forget about it. *bites his lip* so what are we going to do? ..what do you want to do?
Remloaf: Morli: ...I don't know. And it's my fault.
Voltage munky: Ka:*stares at him* so it was a mistake then?
Remloaf: Morli: *looks horrified* No! ...No, it wasn't a mistake...
Voltage munky: Ka: *relaxes slightly and sighs* ......good. *smiles slightly*
Remloaf: Morli: ...*smiles a little, too*
Voltage munky: Ka: .....*shakes his head and laughs* fine pair we make.
Remloaf: Morli: *laughs, sits down*
Voltage munky: Ka: *sits down next to him and leans back* ....I'm glad we got that out of the way though.
Remloaf: Morli: *looks sideways at him* ...Me too.
Voltage munky: Ka: *leans over, resting his head on Morli's shoulder* ..it was driving me insane.
Remloaf: Morli: ...*awkwardly rests his head on Ka's*
Voltage munky: Ka: *grins and relaxes* Does that mean I can do it again?
Remloaf: Morli: ...Do what?
Voltage munky: Ka: .....*shakes his head and turns, kissing him again* not the punching bit.
Remloaf: Morli: ...'Course.
Voltage munky: Ka: *grins and slings his arms around his neck* ....good.
Remloaf: Morli: ...*wraps one arm around him*

*SUCH an urge to pop Karlax out of nowhere, the MEANY*
Voltage munky: Ka: *leans forward and just looks at him for a second, before nodding to himself and kissing him again*

*cracks up and flails* DOOO ITTT.
Remloaf: Morli: *blinks, before kissing him back*

Karlax: Hey, what's going--AUGH!
Voltage munky: Ka: *jumps and looks behind him, scowling* yes? what do you want?
Remloaf: Karlax: ...Am I interrupting something?
Voltage munky: Ka: *goes red* ...uh....*looks at Morli and shrugs* is he?
Remloaf: Karlax: ...Come to think of it, I don't want to know.
Voltage munky: Ka: *laughs slightly and goes fully red* no you probably dont.
Remloaf: Morli: *snirk*

Auuuugh I need to go to bed.
Voltage munky: AWWMAn. NIIIIGHT. XD *flails at you*
Remloaf: NIIIIGHT.
Voltage munky: <3

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Rayden about tokaji   
04:29pm 07/07/2005

Survey about your boyfriend

Created by mysho0tingstar and taken 5984 times on bzoink!

Favorite thing about your boyfriend?he;s just....him.
What color are his eyes?Grey
What color is his hair?Red
Whats his favorite color?copper
Whats his favorite movie?*Sneskytype* sound of music. XD
When your alone what do you do?Like I'd tell YOU that.
Whens his birthday?1 august
Whats his nationality?Italian and French.
Does he play any sports?DOdging Reece is a sport in itself.
Whats his favorite number?*shrug*
Does he like candles?I dunno. does he?
Ever done anything kinky?..>> piss off.
Taken a shower together?yeah.
Are you in love?Pretty much.

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Reeve this time! About aile!XD   
11:54pm 06/07/2005
mood: accomplished

Survey about your boyfriend

Created by mysho0tingstar and taken 5968 times on bzoink!

Favorite thing about your boyfriend?He's stronger than me?
What color are his eyes?red.amber.
What color is his hair?red.
Whats his favorite color?he told me grey but I dont know wh-....*RED*
Whats his favorite movie?Blade
When your alone what do you do?.....>> not telling you that.
Whens his birthday?July seventeen.
Whats his nationality?....uhm.....*shrugs*
Does he play any sports?is killing a sport?
Whats his favorite number?Seven
Does he like candles?I dknot know.
Ever done anything kinky?......0o
Taken a shower together?once.
Are you in love?.....*RED*

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ahhgads. XD Fyre;s doing this about avery, all right?   
11:28pm 06/07/2005
mood: accomplished

The Perfect Guy

Created by madhatter and taken 21444 times on bzoink!

Hair color?Black and blue
Eye color?blue
Height?shorter than me
Six pack?whatever
Long hair or short?shortish
Piercings?if he wants
Eyebrows?has some?
Big butt or little?....scaly. XD
Chest hair?nah.
Buff or skinny?just ....right.
Teeth?not too freaking sharp.
Section 2
Funny or serious?A mix of both
Party-hopper or more stay-at-home?party hopper definetly
Should he be able to bake or cook?..he CAN cook.
Does he have a best friend?nope.
Is it okay for him to have a lot of female friends?definetly
Out-going or shy?...kind of both, actually
Sarcastic or sincere?sarcastic.
Does he love his mother?doesn't know her
Should he watch chick-flicks?*Shrugs*
Would he be a smoker?no.
How about a drinking?Sometimes
And swearing?lots.
Would he play with your hair?.....do you need to ask?
Would he have more than one girlfriend at a time?another stupid question.
Would he pay for you when you're on a date?..no?
Does he kiss on the first date?definetly.
Where would you go for dinner?*shrug*
Would he buy you flowers?what? no. shut up.
Would he lay under the stars with you and spout random philosophies?he spouts random shit anyway.
Would he write poetry about you?..I dont think so. god I hope not.
Would he use endearments?*sniggers*
Would he hang out with your and YOUR friends?friends? right. ahem. probably if I asked him to.
How about you hanging out with him and HIS friends?his friends ARE most of my friends. if I could call them friends.
Would he walk you up to the door at the end of the evening?slither maybe.
Would you hold hands?more like grope. XD
Section 3
Does he play soccer?nope. no legs.
Baseball?as above
Football?oh shut up.
Water polo?...*sniggers*
Golf or something equally boring?*scowls*
Does he surf?...down the hallway.
Skateboard?again with the legs
Snowboard?wouldn't like the cold
Can he sing?*raises an eyebrow* I dont know.
Play the guitar?*shrugs*
Play piano?nah.
Play the drums?*shrugs*
Can he keep his room clean?...definetly not.
Is he an artist of sorts?...of sorts.
Does he write his own music?depends on what kind of music you're talking about.
Does he have pets?me? *sniggers*
Section 4
Does he use the word dude?no.
How about tight?......no. god no.
Would he watch the sun rise and set with you?Maybe If I asked him to, and when he stopped laughing.
What kind of car does he drive?no legs, no car.
How old is he?..I really dont know.
What's his name?Avery.

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aile x Reeve not FINISHED YET   
10:22pm 29/06/2005
mood: accomplished
[Unknown LJ tag]

Reeve was having trouble sleeping.

Which was silly, because he had been sleeping for three days straight earlier.

After all, getting poisoned will do that to you. It had knocked him out and almost killed him, scaring the hell out of the people he was travelling with. They had gone home about five hours ago having stuck around until he had woken up, and then talking to him for a while. When they were sure he wasn't going to have a relapse, they had left.

And now he was alone, bored and somewhere unfamiliar. The Manor had been the only place he really knew besides the Great Library, so they had brought him here. And now with Avery gone, Fyre was working himself crazy. He had popped in to see if he was okay about an hour ago, and ordered him to get something to eat.

All his body wanted to do was crash for a few more hours. But his mind wouldn't shut up. And it was driving him nuts. Getting up he slithered out of the room and down the hallway, wrapping a blanket around his shoulders. At twelve thirty pm, it was cold. And Reeve like most others of his kind, didn't like the cold.

Heading for the stairs, he decided against his normal method of sliding down the banister, and went down the stairs normally. The kitchens weren't too far down the hallway, so he didn't have any trouble finding them. Making a bee-line for the fridge, he grabbed whatever he wouldn't throw up. His stomach was still arguing with him and he didn't want to upset it too badly. Not after it had behaved itself so well.

Closing the door with his hip, he went over to the bench and put down his spoils. Bread, some kind of meat that wasn't disgusting, water and butter. He made himself a sandwich quickly, and ate it just as fast. Surprised at exactly how hungry he was, he downed about three more sandwiches and drank a pitcher of water before he was satisfied.

Now that he was full, he was starting to realise just how cold the kitchen was. Putting things away hurriedly, he exited the room and made his way over to the living room. There was always a fire on in the winter, and he opened the door softly, not wanting to startle whoever was in there. If it was Fyre he would leave quietly, as he really didn't want to aggravate him.

He was rather surprised to find Aile lying on the ground in front of the hearth. He was reading a book, something Reeve had no idea he could do in the first place.

Hearing to door open, Aile looked up. He had a lazy, sedated expression on his face as he grinned, waving. Shrugging to himself, Reeve closed the door after him, and went over to sit on the floor next to him.

Lynx and Demo has warned him about talking to Aile. They said something along the lines of him being a vicious, murdering prick. But even if that WAS true, Aile had done nothing to hurt him, instead seeming to go out of his way to ensure that Reeve wasn't uncomfortable. It was strange, really. He was so abrupt with everyone else except him and Avery.

Then again, maybe it wasn't so strange. After all, they were of the same species and there weren't a lot of them left travelling now. The rest of them seemed content to be born, live and die on the homeworld. Travellers were usually the ones that were hatched offworld, their eggs having been either stolen or sold.

Avery and Aile were the only others Reeve had met. But that wasn't to say that there weren't others about. It wasn't as if he went looking for them.

"Ahh. The conquering hero. How ya feeling, brat?"

Pulling a face at him, Reeve settled down in front of the fire, curling up and covering his torso with his blanket. He flicked Aile lightly with his tail and gave him a sour look.

"Better, but embarrassed. So shut up."

Grinning, Aile gave up trying to concentrate on his book and closed it, throwing it behind him to land on a chair.

"What happened, anyway? Weren't you supposed to be delivering some book?"

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lj coding SUCKs   
09:17pm 01/06/2005
mood: >< fuckit
for bard to readCollapse )

and thats as far as i got becuase devon SUCKS

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09:15pm 01/06/2005
mood: accomplished
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offshoot - bane-Xorin   
09:26pm 11/05/2005
mood: accomplished
"You know, it's hard to decide when you're going to die."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, when I think about it, there's so much I want to do. I mean, I've never been kissed, never laughed until my stomach hurt. I've never been normal, never had a girlfriend, and never been bungee jumping. I've never had a food-fight, never gone shopping for anything else besides clothes and a sketchpad and I never got to tell my father "

Trailing off, Bane looked up at the demon sitting on the wall above him. They had met like this many times, Bane slumped against the wall, and Xorin sitting high above him, legs dangling over the side of the wall as he looked up at the sky. It was a peaceful place, one where he could let his hair down, so to speak, and think.

"Tell him what, human?"

Although talking with a demon had its downsides. Like the condescending tone, the superior looks, and his insistence on being higher than Bane himself was, no matter how short the teen actually was. The way he kept from looking him directly in the eye, and seemed as though the time they spent talking never actually existed. It was like the blonde teenager was just a sideline, a distraction from whatever important purpose Xorin had decided he was bound for.

"Why do you always look up?"
"Stop changing the subject."

"Oh I'm not getting drawn into that conversation again."

With a slight snicker, Bane slunk down and sat at the base of the wall, bringing his knees up to his chest. It was nice to know that even demons could be childish, and that they didn't know everything. It helped him believe that the council was wrong. That Serena wasn't dead and that he didn't have to make a decision like the one he was being forced to make.
But then he looked out, beyond the wall, beyond the underworld, and saw what was happening. Cities were getting smothered under walls of water, deserts expanding, swallowing everything in their paths. Mountainsides were crumbling, people were dying and there was only one way to fix it.

"An eye for an eye. Why can't he just kill a few council members?"

"Because that won't bring her back. That won't restore her soul."

Surprised at the voice coming from next to him, he turned. Xorin had finally come down to him, the upper level demon crouching down, dark hair falling over his shoulder as he tried to make himself comfortable. Unhinging the sword at his side, he laid it on the stone they were sitting on and settled back down with a sigh.

"And that's what it all comes down to isn't it? Rage is fighting for more time; Murder is stopping what he is supposed to create. Fear, well, he's trying to calm Silas down and.you have a hard decision to make. After everything, all the fates, heaven, hell and limbo, demons, angels, half-breeds and the council, it all comes down to one human boy that can see ghosts. Kind of disheartening."

Scowling, Bane glared at him, his blue eyes meeting the demon's black, pupil-less ones.

"Oh and you're REALLY helping. Thanks so much for putting it into perspective for me. It's not as if I don't KNOW what's at stake! I know just what it's going to take to bring her back to stop him from destroying everything. And you've been a GREAT FUCKING HELP. Thanks EVER so much." Blinking back tears of frustration, he went to get up, but was stopped by hand on his arm, finding himself being pulled backwards, into an awkward embrace.

"I'm sorry."

And at that moment, trapped between heaven and hell, in the arms of a demon that was just as confused, scared and lonely as he was, those words were enough.


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I love these two. as a couple, they are adorable, even though they don't get together until near the end of my story. This is just an offshoot that popped into my brain as I was waiting for mother to get off the phone but...MYGODILOVETHEM

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09:53am 25/04/2005
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chapteroneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =D Collapse )

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Koan is THINKING for once   
10:37am 22/04/2005
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You know, every time rae writes something, I feel compelled to do something to mirror it? it's driving me nuts. And besides, I'm not as good as she is. <3

But yay for ficlets.


It was getting harder and harder to ignore. He couldn’t just turn his back and pretend that it wasn’t there. A soft rustling of the sheets, a light breath, the feeling that filled his chest, making him turn over and take the man in his arms. He had never planned on falling in love.
All he wanted to do, all he had EVER wanted to do, was to prove how strong he was. To prove that he hadn’t needed, and would never need anyone else.

What a liar he was.

Now, he couldn’t live without seeing his smile. Couldn’t breathe without knowing that he was safe.

He felt like he was going insane. A smile, a small touch, was enough to make his heart race, enough to make him grin. A soft word could make his chest swell with pride, or completely crush him.

He really didn’t think Tilion knew just how much power he had.

Koan is a SAP and horrible. I kick him in the face. XD

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10:14pm 16/04/2005
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There was something about him that James couldn't help but watch.
It wasn't just his body, although anyone had to admit that was absolutely amazing. It wasn't just the way his white hair shone, or the way his blue eyes seemed to just GRIN at him. It wasn't only the way he moved his hips when he wanted something, or the way he worried his lower lip when he was thinking.

It wasn't just the way he seemed to know what he was thinking, or the way he knew when to back off.

And it definitely wasn't the way he looked when he had just woken up, blinking and yawning.

So really, he couldn't decide exactly what made the man in his arms so alluring.
Except maybe the fact that Orion was his.

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09:52pm 16/04/2005
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Sometimes, you just had to collapse.

Although doing so in the middle of a breifing, surrounded by his subordinates.

That really wasn't smart.

Hearing edward scream at him was certianly worth it though. Roy had no idea that he cared that much.


Wolfwood was leaning against a bus window, struggling to keep his eyes open. Sleeping wasn;t really a luxury he could afford at the moment. He had Millie and Meryl to think of, and keeping them safe was his top priority. He had PROMISED for fucks sake.

Never mind what he had promised Vash about himself.

They had run into bandits not long out of the city of January. Vash had stayed behind to fight them off, bundling the others onto a bus. Wolfood was still kicking himself, snarling at his own mind for being too cowardly to think up other options. He knew Vash could take care of them. He KNEW that Vash would meet them int he next city, all smiles and laughter.

But that didn't stop him from worrying.

He smiled slightly as he heard a soft snore come from the seat in front of him. Millie was being used as a pillow again, but this time by merryl. And god could that girl snore. But..and wolfwood was just musing on this, that was part of the reason why Millie loved the smaller girl so much.
They thought they could hide it. But Wolfood was trained to keep his eyes open, and what he saw couldnt help but make him smile.

(scene CHANGE)

Getting off hte bus rewuired some mavouvering. Merryl was still asleep, but she was being carried by Millie. Hence Wolfwood had been saddles witht he machine gun, their packs AND his cross punisher.

Dumping them on the ground, he looked over at the girls. Millie had carried the smaller girl over to some shade and settled down to wait for "Mr. Vash the Stampede" and merryl was still snoring.
Dragging their junk over to where the girls were sitting, he collapsed wearily against the wall.

What surprised him was the arm that slid so readily around his waist, and the warm, comfortabe body that he was drawn towards. Although, he really should have been worried.

Vash could be a sneaky little bastard sometimes.

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09:37pm 16/04/2005
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Just a buncha ficlets. XD bear with me here?

Roy was in a good mood. The sun was shining (no rain thank god) the birds were singing (and currently being shot at) and all was right with the world.

right untill he got into his office.

some things never change.


Roy sighed and looked under the desk at the person cowering under there. Crouching down, he placed a hand on the top of his desk to steady himself, and another on the floor. "Fullmetal...is there some reason you're using my desk as a --" he didnt get to finish his sentence as a barrage of bullets thunked into the side of the desk, sending the quivering fullmetal alchemist straight into his arms.

"oh...so thats why?"

And for the first time in her military life, It was Hawkeye clowering under the desk, hoping to god that the fire hadn't destoryed any important paperwork.

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05:26pm 01/04/2005
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Edward Elric was having a good day. He'd been able to avoid Hawkeye, Roy and generally everybody else. He had even gotten an hour or so to himself, as Al was entertaining Winry. After getting his body back, Al seemed to spend a rather large amount of his time around her. Not that Ed minded. He was just glad his brother was happy.

So yes.
Ed was happy.

Right until a wrench went wailing past his ear. He winced out of reflex, hitting the ground with a metallic clang. When the one wrench wasn't followed by others, he looked up cautiously.

Roy was leaning against the doorframe, laughing his ass off and trying to hold himself up. Ed glared at him, for once not going up to beat the shit out of him.
"what the FUCK!?"
Okay so he chose to beat him up with his voice instead.

Roy was still laughing, tears streaking down his cheeks.
"I've seen you face down mad alchemists, an alchemist killer, chimera's, homunculus and Armstrong when he gets into scary family mode. But you're SCAREDOFWRENCHES?!"

And Roy suddenly slumped as a wrench hit him in the side of the head, knocking him out cold.

Ed's laughter rang out for a good twenty minutes, and his chuckles could be heard for days after.

He really did love his honorary sister sometimes.

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05:23pm 01/04/2005
  "HEY. BASTARD. That was MINE."
Roy looked over the mug he had swiped from the small alchemist's desk, and smirked.
"Does it look like a give a shit, Fullmetal?"
"does it look like I care whether you care or not? Give me my hot chocolate back."

"I don't think I will." At this, Roy took a huge swig and promptly gagged, putting the cup down with a bang. He grabbed at his throat, and gave Ed a sour look.
"what the fuck did you PUT in that?"

"anti-Roy gel. It works every time." He said, smirking as he pulled the real hot chocolate out of his drawer and took a happy sip, letting Roy gag on the taste of machine oil.


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10:03pm 16/03/2005
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the whole reason Bane is so fucked up nowCollapse )

thats just the prequel folks. XD

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2x3 for teh caz   
10:03am 10/03/2005
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written in about an hour

that was fun to write.

I've fallen sleep in the shower before. -_-;;

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10:38am 04/03/2005
  my heero yuy seems to have developed a sense of huumor.

should I be alarmed about that?

and his sense of huhmor is twisted at that. >>

*grins* I love heero

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just some 2x5   
10:04am 04/03/2005
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damnitt I needed that.

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for mah own refrencee again. Tilion and Koan   
10:29am 22/02/2005
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but still.

Koan is such a sap. XD

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